To order breakfast or lunch items please call (845) 289-0981 or come in to order at the counter.

Specialty Cakes and Custom Treats

The best way to order a specialty cakes or custom treast is to send us an email at sunflourbakerypawling@gmail.com, or send a message through our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PawlingSunflourBakery

Due to the high volume of calls for breakfast and lunch items we don’t recommend calling to place an order for these items.


Egg sandwich on Brioche,


    • Bacon, Sausage, Turkey Bacon
    • American or Cheddar Cheese
    • Hashbrown
    • Salt, Pepper, Ketchup, Hot Sauce, Sunflour Sauce

Substitute for Brioche:

      • Bagel
      • Biscuit
      • Baker’s Wife bread





Overnight Oats


Fried Chicken Sandwich

Includes: French Fries (handmade at Sunflour!), Cole Slaw (specify mayonnaise or vinegar based)

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Includes: Cole Slaw (specify mayonnaise or vinegar based); specify Baker’s Wife bread type

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Includes: Sunflour Chips (handmade at Sunflour!); specify Baker’s Wife bread type

Tuna Melt

Specify American or Cheddar cheese, includes tomato; specify Baker’s Wife bread type


With Cheddar Jack cheese.  Add pulled chicken (not included)

Grilled Cheese

Includes Creamy Tomato soup.  Specify Baker’s Wife bread type


  • Creamy Tomato
  • Spicy Sausage

Specialty Drinks


  • Drip Coffee
    • Medium Roast (currently serving a delicious El Salvador Lenca)
    • Dark Roast (serving the Brazil Parcieros using our own custom profile)
  • Espresso
    • Regular (caffeinated ) Brazil Parcieros
    • Decaffeinated – Colombia Magia decaf
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Americano
  • Macchiato (ours is a traditional macchiato)
  • Cafe au Lait
  • Red Eye (regular coffee with a shot of Espresso)
  • Iced Coffee (Regular, decaf, espresso, americano, latte)
  • Cold Brew (seasonal)


  • Hot Chocolate
  • Chai Tea Latte


We are proud to offer a full selection teas from Harney & Sons (Millerton, NY).  Ask your server for the list

Cold Case Items

  • Kombucha – from Cross Culture Kombucha Brewery in Danbury
  • Harney & Sons bottled teas
  • Hank’s Soda

Baker’s Wife Breads

  • Bread is available on Saturday and Sunday
  • Check in with us to see the available bread selection for the weekend – we usually know by Thursday afternoon
  • Typically available breads:
    • Pain Au Fromage
    • Organic Sourdough
    • 5 Grain
    • Everything Sourdough
    • Rye
  • On rotation:
    • Jalapeno Cheddar
    • Olive
    • Sesame Bordelaise
    • Country White
    • Sour Cherry Pecan
    • Chocolate Cherry
    • Fougasse
    • Stollen